I'm Tim. I'm German. I'm really funny. 

And that's my story:

A confused amateur who wants to be a professional triathlete became a prospective account manager in a small agency in Hanover/Germany. End of story? Fortunately not. One day he followed a feeling in the eastern part of his stomach and tried an internship as a copywriter at Scholz & Friends Hamburg. This weird feeling, good friends, a lot of sports, great concerts, very very intellectual art house and the idea of writing a deep book keeps him in Hamburg for more than five years.

So If you like to challenge me in the pool, on the bike or while running or just want to chat during a game of chess feel free to say hello: 



Heimat - Senior Creative / Copywriter
Jung von Matt - Creative / Copywriter
thjnk - Creative / Copywriter 
DDB - Creative / Copywriter
Jung von Matt - Junior Copywriter
Scholz & Friends - Intern Copy


Audi "Mission to the Moon":
Bronze - Cannes Lions Festival
2x Merit - Cannes Lions Festival
Gold - ADC Germany
Silver - ADC Germany
Merit - ADC Germany

IKEA "Stål Kvitto":
Merit - Cannes Lions Festival
Silver - ADC Germany 
Bronze - ADC Germany
Finalist - New York Festival 
Merit - Eurobest 
Gold - Bill Bernbach Award

Audi "The Pulse":
Bronze - ADC Germany


Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Adidas, Vodafone, IKEA, Unilever, s.Oliver, Tchibo, Tom Tailor, REWE, Polizei Hamburg.